18 month must haves

water table///Doctor kit///MediBuddy///Color Wonder///Water toys

Here's a quick recap of what we think are must haves for the last couple months...

1. Water table...I talked about it here so I won't go into too much detail besides to say
 Texas heat + summer = must have

2. B toys MD kit...our sweet girl likes to copy pretty much anything these days...to prepare her for her last visit at the doctor for her well visit I decided to buy her this kit...she loves it...proof here...she loves to carry it all around and listen to her heart go beep beep...and PS I think it really did help her at the doctor since we had played with the stuff leading up to it...I knew the 18 month visit could be scarier for her than any of the past because she is much more aware these days...trust me as a nurse practitioner its a scary age and a lot of kids 18 months-2.5 years cry no matter what you do to them especially looking in their ears or listening to them with your stethoscope

3. Medi Buddy...EVERY mom of a toddler must have one of these in every bag/purse....with small little tumbles here and there you can never have enough bandaids and ointments....

4. Boon water toys...we have officially thrown out all our water toys that could keep stagnant water inside...the thought of mold inside had me freaked out enough...love all of the Boon water toys that come completely apart for drying, love these as well...

5. Color wonder markers...I mean genious...Isabella loves markers...after she got her cute Easter markers soaked into her brand new white skirt, while I looked away for 2.5 seconds, they were quickly in the trash...PS hair spray it really does work, got the marker right out...just spray right onto the spot then blot with a paper towel...anyways these markers, yes you have to have special paper but they only color on those papers-no walls, no arms and legs, no clothes!! GENiUs!

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