Bumpdate 27 & 28 weeks

Baby's size: size of a head of cauliflower

How far along: 27 weeks

Developing this week: may recognize my voice, gaining weight steadily now, close to 15 inches long

Weight gain: 17 lbs

 Sleeping pretty good and have longed for a nap several days

Maternity Clothes: Feeling crazy big already mixing maternity and regular, really enjoying dresses and maxis these days

Food cravings: Nothing crazy...still spending way too much $ at Starbucks;)

Food aversions: Greeny leafy Salad...

Symptoms I have: Felt rather exhausted a few days this week...thinking sweet boy went through a growth spurt

Doctor’s Appointment: next week

Movement: this boy is active...I love it...

Belly Button: outie + hernia

Gender: sweet little boy Cayson

Best moment of the week: Having your sister continue to say baby to my belly...praying continually that the Lord prepare her for when we bring you home...

What I’m looking forward to:  appointment next week

Baby's size: size of an eggplant

How far along: 28 weeks

Developing this week: Getting into position, should be head down, weighing in at about 2.5 lbs, Lots of new skills, coughing, sucking, hiccuping, and taking deep breaths, started to have REM sleep so may be dreaming already:)

Weight gain: 20 lbs (don't think I am only going to gain 26 lbs this time...so worth it though)

Sleep: okay...have had a few nights of severe leg cramps...need to up my banana intake

Maternity Clothes: More maternity than regular....

Food cravings: Nothing crazy...Lucky Charms a couple nights...don't feel hungry at dinner time often but cereal always sounds good;)

Food aversions:  Still just lettuce really

Symptoms I have: reflux....mostly at night time, Charlie horses in my sleep

Doctor’s Appointment: This week...measuring right at 28 weeks, Heart rate nice and strong in the 150s, Passed my glucose test...yipee....swung between falling asleep and almost vomiting 1.5 hrs after but thankful its over and no 3 hour test this time:) Hgb/Hct were normal so no extra iron this time...hallelujah! Get to have a sonogram in 2 weeks

Movement: I swear you have done a few flips this week....Dr. T thinks you are head down....I hope so!!!

Belly Button: still an outie with a rather large hernia, not so pretty....we will see how it looks after this time

Gender: sweet little boy Cayson

Best moment of the week: getting to hear your strong heart beat..knowing we get to see your sweet face in 2 weeks:) Daddy is working hard on getting your pallets ready to put on the wall

What I’m looking forward to:  every single day!

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