Bumpdates 26 weeks

Baby's size: size of a head of lettuce

How far along: 26 weeks

Developing this weekYour sweet eyes are open , brain is more developed and sophisticated. Weigh almost a full 2 pounds and 9+ inches in length.

Weight gain: 15 lbs

Sleep: sleeping pretty good, having some restless leg and the usual bathroom breaks but other than that sleeping well (didn't get much sleep over our Friendcation thanks to a twin bed and toddler that woke up at 6 am but I am catching up)

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity these days mixed with my regular clothes

Food cravings: Limeaides, my usual decaf iced coffee, and some cereal other than that nothing crazy

Food aversions: Still not too fond of salads these days

Symptoms I have: Feeling pretty tired this week...think its just playing catch up on sleep, restless leg has gotten more severe as well as the reflux but all in all feeling better 

Doctor’s Appointment: 2 more weeks

Movement: tons and tons and tons...seeing my whole body move

Belly Button: outie fo sho with a little hernia involved haha

Gender: sweet little boy Cayson

Best moment of the week: seeing my belly growing!! Getting the crib in and adding some things that I bought from Canton in the room and seeing it slowly coming together and finding out that our sweet friend Jared can hook us up with pallets for the wall:)

What I’m looking forward to:  every single day!

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