Foto Friday

Not tons of pics to share this week..I mostly wanted to stop by to share the 2 videos on the bottom...Isabella has been doing this sweet, yet mischieveous wave when she knows she is doing something that she knows may or may not be something she should be doing...I finally caught it twice this week....and couldn't resist....we had her 18 month appointment and sweet girl is growing, growing, growing and doing great...we are so thankful!!

This is what happens when you are stuck in Babies R Us during a monsoon entertain yourself on rides....

Loves to help!

Having a very funny conversation apparently while waiting on the doctor!

Getting very acquainted and loving all the boy toys at Mimi's house...

Loving her newest jammies...haha thanks sweet Grey!

A little after dinner teething apple & greens popsicle:)

And the new mischievous wave;)

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