Weekend wrap-up

We just had such a fun weekend...Friday night we had a family dinner date night and played outside..the weather was beautiful....Isabella wanted to be a big girl and sit in a normal chair...don't worry she ended up in a highchair before it was all over....her and daddy raced on the grass and Isabella  officially says 1,2 Go....ah, swoon!!

haha love it!

Loving watching the birds

She loves Caprese salads as much as her momma and dada

She loves standing on these things...such a toddler thing;)

Saturday..I did sports physicals all day for Highland park so Isabella and daddy had a daddy/daughter day...Isabella loves playing in brothers room these days...

Reading daddy's old books that look like antiques;)

Sunday...we had a crawfish boil with our small group...Dennis and I are the official social chairs...and life has been so busy we hadn't planned anything in a while so we had to step up our game;)

This just about grosses me out..I don't eat things that look like they do alive and especially if they are alive 5 minutes before they are cooked...

Isabella couldn't wait to get outside and play

Umm...ya we had way too much...gave away like 15 lbs to some random lady on FB

Watching a little Minnie before the party

She played in the pool until her feet were wrinkly and her lips were quivering

Some of the brave crawfish eaters!!

And that my friends was a fun weekend...went way too fast and seemed way too short!

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