Weekend Wrap up

Friday...We headed to dinner and let our littles run in the water splash park...Isabella had a blast...
Ready to go!!

She finally let me grab her once her lips were purple and her poor teeth were chattering...

Saturday...my sweet husband who never questions my crazy projects tackled our nursery plank wall that has proven to be quite the project but he didn't complain once;) I'm so lucky! Isabella and I played and played some more then we headed to my parents for the evening....

The heat and the park wore her out as much as it did me....thankful it wasn't just me

She was giving baby hugs and kisses ..,it was too cute...

She was no nap ninja this weekend....lovies were thrown....and talked to....she talked to me through the monitor....asked for "minnie pease" oh sweet girl...she's killing me with the sweet "pease" these days

Fun at Mimi and Popi's

She is obsessed with these shoes of Noelle's

Sandbox fun with her Auntie

Sunday...the usual...church, rest, and small group...all while our sweet daddy finished up his big project for the weekend!
She prefers to cushions be removed so she can play!

Daddy's helper!

Hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Memorial Day!

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