Bumpdates 30 weeks

How far along: 30 weeks

Baby's size: Size of a butternut squash

Developing this week:  sweet boy you are getting bigger and bigger, close to 3 pounds, your brain is growing like crazy, you are starting to regulate your own body temperature and shedding lanugo

Weight gain: 22 lbs 

sleeping pretty okay these days...lots of bathroom breaks...takes quite a bit of effort to roll from side to side which I do frequently

Maternity Clothes: yes most definitely

Food cravings: watermelon:), fruit

Food aversions: Just green lettuce..getting slightly better maybe

Symptoms I have: nausea has returned a hit, have had a couple of femoral nerve pains (not like with your sister yet thankfully)

Doctor’s Appointment: Welp...you decided to give mommy and daddy quite a scare this week (similar to your sister a little earlier on)....mommy was at work when I started to have some pretty good Braxton Hicks contractions that were accompanied by some bleeding...I gave it some time and then called sweet Dr. T who wanted to see me right away....momma bawled all the way to the appointment, Mimi prayed for me all the way there and daddy rushed to meet me there.....we had a sonogram and exam and everything checked out perfect...you did however decide to flip back to breech so Dr. T thinks maybe you just really irritated momma's uterus and caused it to really contract and bleed a little...thanking the Lord for you safety everyday and thankful you are still growing strong right where you belong...you being breech is far more uncomfortable but I will take it and not complain as long as you are snug right where you belong..

Movement: Tons...my whole belly does big shifts these days

Belly Button: outie

Gender: sweet boy

Best moment of the week: Getting to see you on the sonogram and know everything is okay!

What I’m looking forward to:  Our sonogram again this week:) Every day you are staying and growing!