Bumpdates 33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks

Baby's size: Size of a durian fruit (whatever that is)

Developing this week:  keeping eyes open when awake, bones are hardening, brain is going through a huge development period

Weight gain: 24 lbs 

Sleep:  hit or miss, some nights better than others...took a great nap on Sunday:)

Maternity Clothes: Majority yes!

Food cravings: chocolate and fruit pretty much sums it up:)

Food aversions: nothing new, able to eat most things

Symptoms I have: some reflux here and there....Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks...some femoral nerve pain...

Doctor’s Appointment: had one this past week....baby was measuring at more like 32 weeks but she said it is just how I am carrying, heart rate was 143, all looks good 

Movement: SO much these days....you are still head down and you kick your legs out and push your butt out all day, every day...I must say you being head down is heavenly so much more comfortable....

Belly Button: still an outie!

Gender: Still blue and bowties!

Best moment of the week: getting to hear your heart beat...getting the nursery almost finished

What I’m looking forward to: meeting you so, so soon...it is coming so fast!! And yes looking forward to a glass of wine and a refreshing margarita after you arrive;)

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