Foto Friday

What a was a crazy one around here but we thankfully survived and I was happy come Friday...
Quick stop at the book store while waiting to meet friends for dinner...we chose the loud potty flushing books of course;)

Thanks mom I will help myself to your ice cream!

She is looking way too grown up these days..

This was a little bit of a rough day complete with several tantrums...we decided to pack it up and head to play with Graham...then we thought we might meet baby Cade...but he decided it wasn't time yet dang it!

Testing out brothers new mattress

She absolutely loves to help me water the flowers...when we are done and have to turn off the water not so much

Supporting sweet Harlow in the OR this week...her momma wrote the sweetest message I think anyone could have written...came perfect timing with the week I had!

It is so nice for people to remind you why you love what you do!


  1. Totally random (but this is what I pick out of your entire post), did you kill your grass along the line of your flower beds? And if so, how? : )

    1. Ha yes we did to keep it from growing into the flower beds and to potentially add stone. Dennis sprayed it with Roundup!