Foto Friday

We were hit with a little stomach bug around here this week....thanks to church nursery;) So we had some extra snuggles but it didn't slow her down for long...nothing ever seems was a little stubborn so it waxed and waned a bit but I am happy to say we are on the true mend, crossing fingers.

These curls kill me!

A little Bahama bucks...makes anyone feel better...

Got to see sweet brother this week too....He is stubborn like sister and wouldn't cooperate for pictures so we mostly got the creepyish face look but I am loving his sweet cheeks...

The only meal she ate all week when we thought she was 100% but this decided to make its debut again for us at 5 of her faves I hope she doesn't it now or I might be at a loss for food choices for this picky girl..

a little down time...didn't last long

Found this twig quite entertaining

And the "airpane"

Chalk time her favorite...

The worst...nothing like knowing your little one doesn't feel well...glad hopefully we are past it

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