Weekend wrap-up

We were still in recovery mode but had no more throwing up over the weekend...still have a toddler that isn't really eating which isn't great for our already lil thing.

Friday...we managed to make it to the pool..toddler independence was in full swing and made for quite an interesting trip sans dad at the beginning...envision a 7.5 month pregnant lady chasing a toddler and trying to keep her from jumping in the deep end...not a pretty sight

She was in heaven for the first 30 minutes...so excited happy and giggling before the toddler independence and the "no mommy" began

Love her even when she is a little difficult

Her new Minnie from her Mamaw...she is in love

Excuse the broken screen we will be having to buy a new one before brother arrives but I am procrastinating spending another $200...Isabella with all her animals that now must accompany her to bed

Saturday...daddy went to help some friends paint and complete a few honey dos since she is 8 months pregnant and he has a broken hand so Isabella took advantage and had a mommy/daughter morning date....I absolutely love and adore getting to spend moments with her...makes everything more fun...then I headed downtown for our fellow graduation party..sure will miss our fellow this year...our best yet!

First trip to Einstein Brothers

Quick park trip before the heat hit

Chalk and Minnie time

Sunday....just the usual best day....church, extra cuddle time for my still recouping little miss and small group...
We share everything with lovie these days

She is obsessed with buttons/light switches aka "a push"...all day, everyday and very proud when she turns the lights on and off....bought these jeans for brother but decided she needed to wear them too...

I have been dreading this week all weekend...praying for Friday already...ha

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