Bumpdates 34 weeks

I'm seriously not sure why I torture myself with taking these photos when I look bigger and exhausted at the end of the day but hey I'm just glad they get taken...sweet Isabella is so smart...she apparently knows if I put on this outfit and call for Dennis that it is picture time...she posed on the wall waiting for him:) Swoon....feeling/looking exhausted at my MD appointment after being on my feet in the OR for 5 hours that day and waiting 2 hours to see her!!

How far along: 34 weeks

Baby's size: Size of a pineapple

Developing this week:  testicles are making there way down from the abdomen to their final destination (important stuff), you are probably over 5 lbs and close to 20 inches these days...

Weight gain: 26 lbs 

Sleep:  have some great nights and not so great nights...still tons and tons of middle of the night bathroom breaks

Maternity Clothes: Majority yes!

Food cravings: watermelon, dark chocolate

Food aversions: nothing new, able to eat most things

Symptoms I have: Oh Braxton Hicks....some hip pain, definitely on occasion some femoral nerve pain...but all in all carrying a head down baby has proven to be so much better than breech;)

Doctor’s Appointment: Yesterday...every 2 weeks now...Heart beat was nice and strong...still planning on a Vbac...if you don't come by August 8th though it will probably be a C-section that day....praying already that the Lord protect us both and exactly what needs to happens, happens!

Movement: Your typical movements....stretch, kick, butt out...basically spinning on your head these days...lots of hiccups!

Belly Button: still an outie!

Gender: Still a boy

Best moment of the week: getting to hear your heart beat nice and strong....knowing that we are SO close, having some sweet friends through a surprise Brunch party for you!! It was such a surprise and so perfect!

What I’m looking forward to: our sonogram in 2 weeks.....cook out to celebrate you this weekend...the countdown is on 5.5 weeks!

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