Bumpdates 35 weeks

How far along: 35 weeks

Baby's size: Size of a honey dew melon

Developing this week:  All your organs are developed...now just packing on the pounds

Weight gain: 26 lbs 

Sleep:  Sleeping is hit or miss...some nights better than others...have taken a few really good naps over the weekend when Isabella naps!

Maternity Clothes: Majority yes!

Food cravings: fruit mostly and some sweets

Food aversions: nothing new, enjoying salads on occasion:)

Symptoms I have: Lots of lots of Braxton Hicks, severe femoral pain that almost knocks me off my feet on occasion, some heartburn

Doctor’s Appointment: Next week....can't wait for our sonogram...

Movement: Its getting tight in there and I can tell you are feeling cramped....you stretch out sometimes so much it can be painful...your feet are so prominent on my left side I have a constant 1-2 feet bulge

Belly Button: still an outie!

Gender: Still a boy

Best moment of the week: Having a fun BBQ cook out with sweet friends to celebrate your soon to be arrival....if you don't come on your own by August 7th it looks like a repeat c-section is scheduled for 7:30 am....praying you come before but all I really prefer is you here safe and sound how ever that looks..

What I’m looking forward to: sonogram next week....room is almost complete;)

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