Foto Friday

We had such a fun week..I am so thankful that Isabella has gotten so much fun time with her Mimi, aunties and cousins this summer.....she adores them all and it is precious for her to ask about them:) We had a mid week mall shopping girl's night with Jaimee and Grey that was so fun...what's better than friends, shopping and Cheesecake factory...

These balloons have been by her side for over a week

Perfect bag from her great grandma for all her "bebes"

She finally got herself a big Minnie!!

The coffee taste months back is still backfiring on me...she loves it...its decaf but I still don't want her drinking it but convincing her she doesn't need it is another story!

Having a blast on the carousel until well it wasn't a blast anymore;)

Grey wasn't so sure at first either....

A little play ground fun with all the crazy big kids...we didn't last way too long....too many big kids making me anxious!

She just stood here and posed just like this for me...she never does this:)

These girls were too cute at dinner talking and swapping food:)

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