Sprinkled with love

Despite all my efforts to avoid any sort of baby showering this time around my sweet friends would not allow it....I am truly blessed with some of the sweetest friends ever....My bestest friends from high school surprised me with the sweetest, most delicious brunch....I felt so blessed and thankful...there might have been ugly, happy, thankful tears....I stole most of the photos from my sweet BF's blog;)

Jaimee printed out all these sweet prayer cards for us to pray over Cayson...I adore them and to top it off they were attached to adorable bowties with a matching bow for Isabella.

So thankful for all these beautiful girls...so many miracle babies among this group!

My sweet fam...minus sis Heather..

Finding Cayson's position...its been SO nice having a head down baby haha

Littlest sis Hannah

The next weekend some of my sweet nurse friend's hosted the most fun little couple's cook out...it was perfection...laid back, fun, PERFECT!

This cake was not only precious but so delicious!

My sweet girl


Amazing onesies and banner made by our friend Cristina who happened to be out of town

Love this girl and her giggle

She was obsessed with their trampoline

First popsicle she has actually finished...I think Brynley wanted it

Adorable friends

I am so grateful and thankful for sweet friends that showed us so much love!!

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