Weekend Wrap-up

We are trying to make these last several weeks as special and memorable for our sweet lil munchkin before she is no longer an only child....it worked out perfect that this weekend we had planned to go down to my grandma's for some much needed family time and my sweet OB okay'd for me to go....we headed down Friday afternoon....spent time riding the golf cart, swimming, eating, fellowshipping...it was so fun and much needed....we left daddy at home because he was on call and it sounds like he had a rather extremely nice, relaxing weekend!!

Headed down nap time successs

Because you have to get a Slurpee on 7/11

She was in heaven...Logan and her Minnie's and a Minnie high chair!

Loving the playground

She thought this was SO cool haha

Pool lovin beauty

She absolutely adores her "Nana"

And the Laws family and cart rides

More pool fun...she is obsessed with these sticks

Snack break....mind blown by all the "burds"

So thankful for our sweet grandma....miss our Papaw all the time

Crying because "Wose" had to leave when we got home!

looking so grown up...unwinding from the weekend!

Such a fun weekend...T-23 days not that I am counting down to brothers arrival or anything....we have 2 fun weekends planned before he arrives....hoping we make it til then

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