Cayson 2 weeks

Oh sweet buddy, bubba, Cayson...I cannot believe you have already been in our lives for 2 part it feels like you've been here forever and in other moments like you just arrived...we are quite slowly adjusting to a being a new family of 4...I can just hear McDonald's party of are such a gift, such a have such a laid back have adjusted so well to big sissy who loves to pat you, wipe you, try to pick you up and share just about anything with absolutely love to be held...I don't blame you...I think you will be one that loves to be worn for a long are SO cuddly, even more cuddly than I remember your sister are also a victim of reflux...we are praying and hoping you out grow are a happy spitter thank goodness but it also results in lots of extra showers and outfit changes for the 2 of us...your sister was the miserable, silent refluxer and you are the happy spitter!

You lost weight like all newborns but have had no problem gaining it back even despite your have already exceeded your birth weight coming in at 8 lbs 12 oz took your sister over a month to gain all hers are already proving to be all LOVE to would eat all the time if allowed...your poops are stinky and your hands and feet are huge...and I know its hot but you are always sweaty...I think your are going to take after your daddy and be big and are in the 70th percentile for height and weight better than the (LGA large for gestational age) >90% ile you were at birth haha....never thought I would have a LGA baby!! I guess thats what happens when your daddy is over a foot taller than momma!

You are quite the eater still eating every 1.5-3 hours...hoping we space our night feedings past 2 hours soon...but for now I am enjoying our middle of the night times together...praying over you...I know I have said it before but I think there is a lot of pressure raising a Godly man...I pray every day that your daddy and I speak life into you while the Lord woos you to Him...

I hope you and your sissy are so close...that you love to play together and get along well..
Big Sister cuddles

Weight: 8 lbs 12oz (70%ile)
Length: 21 in (76 %ile)
Head:  14 in (47%ile)

Diapers: Nbn
Clothes: Nbn, 0-3 months

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