Cayson's "Birth" day

At my 38 week appointment on Thursday I was 4 cm and 90% effaced and at a 1 station....Dr. T said all she would have to do would be to break my water and baby would be here...she told me no labor on Friday but Saturday it was go time...I was sent on rest restrictions on Friday (since she wasn't on call) but was told to pull out all the stops on Saturday to encourage labor....we pulled out all the stops Saturday I won't go into all the details but we tried it all:) I had honestly been having regular contractions since Friday night but wanting to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) I knew I needed to be in full blown labor before presenting to the hospital or a C-section would insu...with a VBAC my Ob said no pitocin, no assistance besides breaking my water so I wanted to be as far along in labor as possible before showing up to the hospital...after my appointment on Thursday I felt very confident that Saturday was the day...I had a fun Saturday planned for Isabella so I had an agenda I needed to fit in before heading to the hospital:)....we had our favorite Starbucks and donut run, ate almost a whole pineapple (from Heather & Sasha to help induce labor), went for a walk, Peter Piper Pizza with the whole fam...I could not have asked for a more perfect, precious day for me, my family and my sweet Isabella....I needed this last fun day with my sweet lil honestly went perfectly and I felt the Lord's hands present in every last detail.....I was having pretty regular contractions while in Peter Piper Pizza but didn't have time to stop and time the time we headed home around 1 pm they were about every 5 minutes apart...

Here's our morning before you arrived sweet buddy...

Morning Starbuck's & Donut run....
Belly + pineapple = eviction notice

Little walk with my lil buddy....and all her buddies

Peter Piper Pizza with the fam

Having a blast

Sweet cousin time

They have really bonded this summer

Quick ride with mommy (probably the most uncomfortable ride pregnant but she loved it)

Her silly, excited face

Daddy love

Headed to the hospital 38.5 weeks...

I had to have a c-section with Isabella because my sweet girl was a stubborn little breech baby...I tried everything to get her to flip but she just refused....we discovered at my 36 week sonogram that the cord was wrapped around her neck probably keeping her from flipping head down (smart girl didn't like a tight cord around her neck)....there are so many girls that love having a scheduled day for having their baby but I really struggled for a long time not getting to experience the whole real labor and delivery me body did everything else it needed to...I dilated, went into labor etc with Isabella, had a safe c-section, normal uterine closure and lower transverse incision making me a good candidate for a VBAC, I am also very lucky and thankful to have a OBgyn who supports VBACs so that was my goal from day 1 of this pregnancy within reasonable expectations....okay so back to the day...

When arriving at the hospital at 3:17 my contractions were 4-7 minutes apart....
Contractions on arrival were 4-7 minutes apart and increasing in intensity

Dr. Trylovich arrived at Medical City around 5:20 and declared me in full labor...I was 6 cm and 90% effaced....she decided to break my water at this point.... It was really happening

I really cried when she broke my water...yes it was uncomfortable but it was more out of sheer overwhelmed emotions, excitement and joy that it was really happening.

Sissy headed to the hospital after her nap...I unfortunately didn't get to see her because we didn't want to stress her but she had a blast playing in the was our first night away from her and when they said she was leaving without me getting to say goodnight there might have been huge tears from momma but I knew it was best for her and she did great...

Last pic of my sweet belly...I love having a big pregnant belly

She is obsessed with her Popi

Right before breaking my water I got my IV and IV antibiotics Clindamycin was hung...we were praying 2 doses could get in before I delivered or sweet Cayson would have to have an IV with antibiotics and blood work not what I wanted for him if at all possible...

After breaking my water she wanted me to labor down a bit....the anesthesiologist was gong to be heading into a c-section so they recommended me get my epidural before...(because I was a VBAC even if I wanted to try without it I had to have one for safety reasons in case a c-section needed to occur) at 6:00 I got the epidural right in the middle of a very intense contraction which was helpful (last time my epidural was much more uncomfortable bc my contractions weren't as intense) I really struggled with the right timing for my epidural because I knew it could slow down my labor and bc of the VBAC I couldn't get Pitocin to help increase contractions so I was thankful when the decision was basically made for me...contractions were every 2 minutes at that point and definitely more intense...manageable but intense.
Me after epidural laboring down...

At 7:47 when Dr. T checked me again I was 9 cm, 100% effaced and at a +1 station....she went in to do a c-section and wanted me to labor down as much as they had me in the above position to help augment labor but also decreasing the effects of my epidural a win/lose situation but 100% worth it...I was willing to do anything to help my chances..

At 9:00 pm I was 9.5 cm, 100% effaced and at a 2+ station.....the nurse had me do a few practice pushes around 9:30

At 10:24 the lights were flipped on, Dr. T came in and it was go time (and on a super sweet note my 2nd dose of antibiotics went in at 10:15:))...after lots and lots of pressure and pushing sweet Cayson arrived

Absolutely perfect @
10:47 pm
8 lbs 6 oz
21 inches
Apgars 9,9 

He's here

Sorry for the super long post

Big sister meeting little brother pics tomorrow

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