Cayson William McDonald

I have been MIA a bit because our sweet Cayson William McDonald decided to make his debut Saturday evening...such an incredible day...I felt like the Lord had His hand on literally every detail of his labor, delivery and birth....for now here are some pics....working on putting down into words his whole birthday...surreal, amazing, better than I could have imagined!!

Cayson William McDonald
10:47 pm
8lbs 6oz
21 in

Only minutes old

Big Sister....she was so sweet, a little unsure and a tad jealous but gave kisses, pats and helped wipe him

Proud daddy

Family of 4

I'm dealing with computer at capacity these days so having to put stuff onto hard drives etc before I can upload more pictures so I will upload some better ones soon!

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  1. Congradulation on Sweet baby boy Cayson !! May God continue to bless your family, Cayson is absolutely precious :)