Foto Friday

So we made it, a whole 5 days at home as a family of has been a whole lot of crazy, mixed in with a whole lot of love, thankfulness and fun...the adjustment has been quite a learning curve but I definitely feel like every minute, every hour, every day gets a little easier...I think a new routine, a new norm will be established and things will settle...I feel extremely blessed and thankful even in the midst of the chaos and's a sneak of our first 5 days at home as a family of 4!
Just chillin on a Tuesday morning

I love that I can get some extra cuddles while nursing brother

Always making sure baby is okay
Love the milk drunk look

Headed for our first pediatrician visit!!

He sleeps with one eye open...he has done this since literally day 1

Rough life

Getting some special time and attention

She loves, loves to help put on makeup so part of her present was her very own makeup!

They say when you have another baby your 1st looks so grown up but seriously when did she become a teenager!!

Rocked our appt..weight was down to 7 lbs 14oz but not worried the way he eats it increased today to 8 lbs 3 oz now that my milk is in...

PRetty much obsessed with this Cayson BocoBaby apparel and these gifted moccasins:)

Was asked by several for comparison so this is what I posted...yes both my children favor their daddy but I think they are a perfect mix:)

She might have a little Minnie obsession!

Love this girl!!!!

After newborn pics...they were officially exhausted and my heart felt so full I swear it could burst

 We had the most perfect Friday how life changes and you adjust in an instant....

morning cuddles

weight check...8 lbs 3 big deal

rocking brothers babiators! She said "bye bye"

watering flowers

Stretching with daddy

Watching Minnie...when I nurse she can't get close enough...I love it...

Putting stickers on the bottom of her shoes after she stepped on one and realized they stuck there:)

Outside playtime while the weather was manageable

weight checks are tough business

giving brother a pat, pat

That lip....

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