Foto Friday

We made it....2 weeks down...every day gets a little easier and feels a little more normal...we are slowly developing a good routine and our sweet Isabella is doing great as a big sister....
Our first family walk...this has become our morning routine...gets us all some fresh air before the heat...we walk to the pool, dip our toes in and Isabella has a "nack and ano" aka snack and milk

Another day, another walk

All cocooned and ready for bed

Homemade popsicles have been a hit!

I think she was calling Grey to tell her she was in love with her new fashion sense....bathing suit over clothes...just wait it will be all the rave soon!

Sibling photo shoot...Isabella was too precious...

Her face...amazing...she was worried he was falling!
Brother kisses

That pose, that lip

I joined this club this week after our mail man woke Isabella up 1 hour into her nap!!

Obsessed with these pants from Auntie Haha and tank from Julie

Getting Auntie Nana cuddles

Morning entertainment

Missing our sweet Papaw...went to spend some time with Mamaw and let Gigi meet Cayson this was a great little outing for the fam..much needed for all of us
Gigi and Cayson

Too excited to wait to put her swimsuit on

They were both out before we even left Mamaw's neighborhood

Cayson getting sweet cuddles with Baby Kendrick..can't wait to see what this lil one is!!

Kissing Brynley bye bye

Outdoor lunchtime

Photo overload sorry...I hate to admit but the over posting, over-gramming, over photoing probably will never stop;)

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