Foto Friday

We survived our first week with daddy back to work...sweet Mimi came over a couple times to help...we are going to have our first weekend without daddy as well as he is headed to Austin for a fantasy football draft boys weekend...hello football season. I've gotten quite a system down and we even survived a couple outings just the 3 of us...
He looks a lot like Isabella here

She is obsessed with this sunscreen and puts it on like chapstick 

What brother does...Isabella does

I could cuddle and stare at this face all day

Morning walk fun

Survived our first of many, many Target trips

That hair and those thighs....I'm in love

Pretty much obsessed with these harem shorts...can't wait until he fills them out even more

She discovered her old pacis and after days of just playing with them I caught her with one in her mouth...eek...what brother does, once again, Isabella does

I love what he does with his arms when he sleeps

She loves to "hub" brother and share with him

My favorite new mornings!

This is how Cayson does Costco

The Target $1 section has provided us with so many items that offer endless hours of toddler entertainment
$1 flash cards, stickers, paint, puzzles, coloring name it we got it...

She was in love with painting

The sheer excitement when I let her paint on her legs

Painting her toenails

And there you have it...a fun week with my 2 little angels

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