Foto Friday

We had a really fun week around here filled with walks to the pool, Target runs, mall play day-every toddlers dream place-playground, Chick fil A, and carousel-what could be better and a fun play date at the Coop with the Ellis fam....
Oh ya  no just watching "minnie"

We passed these mirrors and Isabella thought they were pretty cool so we went back by....and her smile says it all....
I can't go to Starbucks or through their drive thru without her being so giddy for "A-no" her strange name for milk:)

Mall day with Mimi...I love that I have felt so productive this maternity leave so much watch batteries, photo shoot outfits, scrubs for daddy and most importantly toddler entrainment!

Chick fil A
Carousel ride with mommy...thanks Mimi for capturing

Such a trooper

She is obsessed with her potty yet there is not pottying in the potty going on;)

Just trying out his crib while Isabella plays and I organize clothes

Snug as a bug

Unprompted kisses on a regular basis especially if he cries...

She is So obsessed with "her baby"

We had so much fun at The Coop on Friday with the Ellis'. Think this is where we will have Isabella's bday party..

A little unsure at first but then she was all in:)

Her adorable buddy Graham

Finally not scared of the balls

She was such a crazy climber by the end...she climbed up all by herself...was climbing all the way up the slide and going down all the twisty slide all by herself...when did she get so brave and big:(

Played well over 2 hours, past lunchtime, into nap time....:) she was starving!

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