Sister/brother love

Oh my sweet, sweet Isabella....I spent countless hours, days, nights worrying, praying and thinking about how you would transition into your new role as a big absolutely adore "bebes" so I knew you would love your brother, I just wasn't sure how well you would like to share your mommy. I prayed about how to introduce him to you, how to prepare you (at 21 months your understanding is limited), and how to best make the transition. I could not have asked for a better didn't get to meet your brother the night he was born because he was born so late and we honestly weren't sure when he would arrive and didn't want to throw off your schedule too much....I couldn't have planned it better myself though...your sweet auntie Haha and uncle Sasha brought you up Sunday was perfect brother was away in the nursery and momma was already out of the hospital bed sitting up in a chair (I was very worried because I knew you would not handle seeing mommy in a hospital bed well, you didn't even like for mommy to lay down on the table at her appts).  Anyways you got to transition with mommy, Popi had bought you a huge Minnie Mouse balloon, we had a gift bag full of new toys for had a few moments of jealousy particularly when mommy had to feed baby but all in all you did so patted, kissed and helped wipe baby brother...

Cutest big sister I ever did see

Trying something to keep her distracted while feeding brother

Helping with his diaper change

Then on Monday morning you got to go to Mimi's house to play and you came home shortly after we arrived home with baby brother...the below video proves you did quite do NOT share Minnie with anyone!!

We had a few rough moments the first couple days as you wanted mommy to hold you or didn't want me to have to feed baby but you have slowly transitioned and don't mind...I am SO incredibly thankful I didn't have a c-section because I have been able to lift you and hold you...We had also bought you a baby doll with a bottle that makes drinking decision is how I made it through the first few days of feeding Cayson...we made the weeks leading up to Cayson's arrival very special...lots of one on one fun time...Isabella has transitioned well actually giving brother hugs and kisses...we still have our toddler moments but those would be present with or without baby:)

My recommendations for helping toddlers with the transition:

1. Buy them a baby doll..yes even boys...I can tell Isabella to grab her baby when I need to do something with Cayson and it makes her feel involved...doll we got here

2. Talk about babies...get books, show them babies, etc...we loved the Bernstein Bears New Baby book here

3. Pray, pray, pray for a smooth transition

4. Remember to spend special time with just them and give them some love and attention

5. Have some fun activities and dates planned before and after baby arrives

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