Weekend Wrap up

Our weekends are probably going to look a little mundane for a while...it is taking everything in me to stay at home and not continue on with all the festivities...now with Isabella I don't want her to miss out on all the fun but our sweet Cayson needs to be protected from germs for a while and I need to finish properly recovering myself...we had a very nice weekend...had some friends stop by, dinners delivered, family visits....and our sweet Isabella was thoroughly entertained and loved on...
Loving sleeping baby smiles

Love all his sweet faces...oh I'm in love...

Big Sister/ Little brother

This sweet girl demands to hold my pump pieces for me every morning....be still my heart....I love her so...

Restin and relaxin while sister plays

We play outside for almost 2 hours every morning...she goes from slide, to pool, to water table while brother and I sit under the fan before it gets too hot.
We have snack time...

First taste of dark chocolate and she was in love....girl after my own heart

Making good use of all the Boppies!

Sweetest, softest Kickee pants

Meeting great grandma Irene

Love how she leans on people for photos so sweet

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