Weekend Wrap-up

Dennis decided to dessert us over the weekend in exchange for an incredible, relaxing weekend at the lake with guys for a fantasy football draft...I can't blame him...he made sure to send us plenty of "don't be jealous" photos while he lounged in the hot tub, or of the view...haha....we survived thank goodness...I had a baby shower over by my parents Saturday night so we decided to pack up Saturday early afternoon and head to their house for the night...Isabella stayed with my parents and sweet Cayson joined me for the shower...he did great at the beginning until he decided he was hungry and then it was time to head out...

Taking her breakfast to share with Cayson of course....thanks for the PJs...you know who;)

I asked her if she wanted to help me make cookies and she did this over and over it was amazing...I wished I had grabbed a video...threw her arms back and chest out and yelled "keekies"...haha love this kid and all her joy and energy!

Walk time to the pool

Call me crazy this was me Saturday morning...2 dogs, 2 kiddos, one overnight....looked like we were moving in!

This stroller is amazing!! that's all!

Popi surprised her with this "minnie tea set"...so tea party time it was...she had a blast!

This sweet boys cheeks and lips...I just can't handle it...

Thanks to spit up outfit #2 or 3 for the day

Party time at Mimi and Popi's

Sweet booty and feet

Love these girls and how much they have blessed me...can't wait to meet Baby Widener #3

Perfect Gentleman

It's okay baby!!

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