1 month-Cayson

Oh sweet boy I cannot believe you are already a month old. Seems just like yesterday your daddy and I were driving to the hospital with the anticipation of meeting you. You have been such an extremely calm baby until your poor reflux hit full swing. You are still such a sweet, go with the flow baby but like I said at 2 weeks you were a happy spitter but it has begun to bother you...early morning and nights from 6-9 seem to be rough on you....we are starting you on medicine so I am praying it helps....you are slowly becoming more and more alert....I have gotten a few reciprocated/purposeful smiles in the last few days...you are all boy....I am having to learn so much as boys are foreign to me...I apologize for the times you pee'd all over yourself and your face the first 2 weeks...I have finally figured this out and we have been accident free...crossing our fingers....you absolutely love, love to be held and carried...you will be screaming and the instant I pick you up you coo and stop...I baby wear you with either the Ergo or Moby wrap 60% of our days. It is the only way we can get things done, shop and chase around your never ending energy sister:) Your sister loves you so much and you are so great with her too...you don't mind when she tries to give you the paci (that I still can't convince you to love), kisses you for the 100th time or wants to hold you....thank you for that;) Thankfully you are a boy because your sweet sissy is one busy, active girl!! I pray for wisdom and direction on a daily basis that we train you to be a Godly man, brother, son, and husband on day. Your right tear duct is clogged and constantly drains...been using a warm wash cloth to help massage it, we are hoping it opens so we don't have to get it done surgically later....it doesn't seem to bother you but I hate when it gets all crusted and gooey. I thought we were going to escape the baby acne phase your sister had but yours has hit...I think partly because you get so hot and sweat all the time...heat doesn't help our situation....I can rarely swaddle you because you are such a warm sweaty boy;) I adore it...another sign that you are such a boy already....you are huge...if you are awake you want to eat..I can't get over how big you are...your sister wasn't even back to her birth weight by a month and you have exceeded yours by 2 pounds already....by the look of your hands and feet you are going to be a big guy like your daddy....speaking of daddy...you look JUST like him....his little mini twin...we love you so much little buddy and are so blessed and thankful for you....

Sissy wanted in on the photo op:) She wanted to hold you the whole time..

She loves you SO incredibly much

Adorable stickers from sweet Amy...perfect:)

Weight: 10 lbs 6 oz (61%ile)
Length: 21.3 in (34%ile)
Head circumference: 14.8 in (57%ile)

Diapers: Newborn & size 1
 (not keeping count anymore, I change way too many diapers in a day these days;))
Longest stretch of sleep: 3 hrs 34 min
Clothes size: Newborn, 0-3 months
Shoe Size: 00, Newborn

Milestones: none just yet. more and more alert everyday:)

Shots today: 2nd Hep B

Started Zantac (hopefully you will take it unlike your sissy)!

We love you to the moon and back sweet buddy!!

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