22 months

Sweet girl you are almost 2....how is this even possible...booking your 2nd birthday party was so surreal and emotional...you made me a mommy sweet girl...the best thing I could ever have asked for....you are such a busy Izzy and so fun....brother and I have chased you around all month and it is so fun...we have tried to make things fun for you and have had lots of fun outings and playdates...so thankful for your Mimi who will come and help entertain you as well

You absolutely adore your family and love to go bye bye and play...when our sensor goes off that someone is at our house you yell "Mimi" and run...when its the back door chime you perk up and smile and say "dada"...you are so smart...sometimes it baffles my mind to watch you learn and grow...such an incredible thing...

You have fought naps several times this month....you are great and will entertain yourself and play in your crib sometimes for 2 hours even...you are so easily entertained you will play with the tie on your romper, the bumper pad strings or even fuzz on your sheet....I love to watch you entertain yourself on the monitor...I let you do that until you call for me...sweet girl you need to nap...it is not time for you to give them up yet...

I have absolutely loved being home with you this month...it has stretched me and grown me a lot and I am thankful for that....I think it has been great for both of us and I am looking forward to only being gone from you 3 days a week when I go back to work...

You are such a climber it is ridiculous...I have found you now in your high chair...yep, all on your own, in the drier and climbing on the changing table to see brother....you may be a little gymnast in the making....I promise I never leave you out of my sight for more than 2 minutes because clearly I can't but you are so fast like a ninja its crazy...all your climbing freaks your daddy out so you might try to slow down a bit;) freaks out your momma a bit but not like your daddy haha!

You are still a great sleeper at night and for that I am thankful...nothing has changed in your schedule...I think you are going to be Type A and like a schedule like your momma;) You are so funny and loud and talkative and busy and I love every singly bit of it!!

You are such a great big sister...every day gets better and better...if Cayson cries you will stick your finger in a paci and try to give it to him...you always ask to hold baby.....and first thing in the morning you ask for him....you have a few jealous moments here and there but for the most part you are doing great....you are going to love having a built in play mate:)

Isabella Grace we love you and all your spunkiness far more than you will ever know!

Weight:  22 lbs (6 %ile)
Height: 31.5  inches (25 %ile)
Head: 18.5 in  (25 %ile)

Diapers: Size 3 

Sleep: 7:30 pm-8:30 am

Shoe size: 5-6

Clothes size: 12-18 months, shorts 6-12 months

Teeth: 16 (all but your 2 year molars)

Eating: Sippy cup of whole milk 3 times a day (`18oz), and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 2 snacks in between-some days you eat better than others...there are some days I swear you eat tons and then the next you eat nothing...

Milestones: jumping, talking in sentences

New Words: I will probably only keep up this list until you are 2 because I feel like its getting out of control;) Your language is starting to explode...you don't always talk a lot around a crowd but when its just me and you, you are quite the talker:)
Buddy (for brother), yuggy (yucky...maybe one of my favorites ever), siwwy (silly), fish (fix...you cutely said "Dadda fish da poo" aka daddy fix the pool when mommy said it was broken since part of it popped), boo boo, Hoe momma (hold momma-when you want me to hold you), sh-icken (chicken)

"We here"-in the cutest, most excited voice:), knees,  Poo poo, potty, pee pee, Aunt Haha, Sasha, Gigi, "Shew-wee"-stinky diaper, boo boo, car, big-(used in context of big Minnie, big car), twuck, tee-tree, fowers-flowers, Poo-Winnie the Pooh, Cackles-crackles, "Pay"-play, Pool, swim, car, Wose-Rose, Mon-come on, Boon-Balloon, "Where dit do," "Isabellella," Mimi, Holt, Chaille, button, apush-push, Mon-c'mon, bapples-apples, ano-milk, rahr-lion sound, Mininie"-Minnie, "Side"-outside, Zo-Zoe, "Pees"-Please, sock, Baa "what a sheep says," tato "thank you," shoes, "nack"-snack, momma, dadda, dog, Dixie, Uh-oh, Der it is (there it is), Ho, ho, ho (santa says), Whooo, Whoo (owl says), Woof woof (dog says..sounds more like whoo:), Maci, Baby, Cheese, More, Bailey (the Ellis' yorkie), paci, No, "Wa iz zat?"Abby (the Law's dog),  up, out, water, lion says "rawr," frog, potty

Shots today: None woo hoo!!

Happy 22 months baby girl!! Can't believe we are 2 months away from you being 2:(

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