Foto Friday

We had another fun week around here...being home these last 4 weeks has been amazing...I feel so thankful and blessed...some days its chaotic but even in the craziness I am thankful

After a huge spit up this is how I was able to shower and get us ready for the me crazy but it works great for us...

After above shower I took clothes out of the drier and came back to reload and found this!
This girl LOVES shoes...she loved these shoes Cristina brought over that Evalyn has outgrown:)

Outfit #2 or 3 for the day:) Love how he sleeps like this, just like he did intero
Tuesday I donated 10 inches of my hair and got it colored...the first time in over a year:) Loved was an all new experience, nursing while getting my haircut thankful for my sweet friend hair dresser and a private room;)
If you've ever thought about donating look into Pink Heart Funds..incredible organization like I've said before

Wednesday Cayson had is 1 month appointment at 8:10 am....getting out the door was quite a task but we made it...Mimi watched Isabella then we headed for Isabella's dentist appt then some mall fun and lunchtime
The big 1 monther

She did NOT love the dentist...haha..I don't blame you Isabella I hate it too...

Adorable lunch date:)

Mimi and I have mastered the 2 baby hold;)

Thursday we ventured to library toddler reading time and Isabella loved it....
I asked if she was ready to go and she grabbed all of these to head out the door;) love her

Baby wearing=life saver

Library even had a tea party set...she poured "a-no" for everyone

First night attempt in the pack in play...he's been sleeping in the rock n play...he did great...

because its a picture you can't tell she was screaming at the top of her his face you can tell haha!!

Not a fan haha

She loves, loves to "hoe baby" 

After a huge puke session after taking zantac...poor buddy:(

Today we are headed back to The Coop for a playdate and have a fun, busy weekend planned:)

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