Foto Friday

Oh my goodness these weeks are flying by:( I can't believe my baby is almost 6 weeks old and that means I only have 6 more weeks of leave, tear!! Our weeks are jam packed full with play dates and catch ups and for that I couldn't be more thankful! I can't tell you how excited I am that when I return to work it will be only 3 days a week lending me to more play dates and dedicated time with my littles. We had such a blast this week and it just seemed to fly by!!

My lil fashionista loves her some sunglasses

Ya'll I always said I didn't want a gymnast or cheerleader because of the dangers but I'm thinking I may have no choice...this girl is just like her momma...never, ever taught her this or encouraged it...self taught, self done!

Those lips...they slay me!

Oh just checking brothers ears and sharing her toys with him!

Library time...I couldn't be more thankful for this "4th trimester" where Cayson will sleep while being worn giving me snuggle time and special time with Isabella....she is always so shy and timid at first and then breaks out...again, just like her momma!

Braving the move to the floor...lovie in hand of course!

Library time fun

Had my 6 week follow up and this boy was a champ after a 2 hour wait...only my OB would be worth 2 hrs any day!! She was in an emergency surgery so you can't hate! If that was me or my family I would want all the time in the world...Perspective people its all you need sometimes!! Just imagine if the roles were reversed...give doctors grace! I've been there!

This boy...this is his absolute favorite position and I don't tire of staring at it or kissing his cheeks...

More Coop fun...we met our sweet friend Asher and his momma and had a blast

This girl gets braver and braver

I just love her so!! Such a BIG personality!

Playdate with one of my precious friends Allison and her lil Vivi!! Isabella loved her! Such a great morning catching up!

Love what will entertain a toddler sometimes! Diaper wipes stickers;)

My little climber and "bubba" his paci!

Happy Friday...enjoy your time off and this cooler weather...I know we will...

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