Weekend wrap-up

Yay for 3 day weekends:)

Friday... we spent the day at the Coop per photos earlier then we had our family lifestyle photos with Sofia, I can't wait to see them...Isabella was a handful wanting to copy Sofia but I think she captured some great ones as usual:)
Photos are exhausting

We have an extremely fussy baby from 6-9 pm these days and baby wearing can occasionally be my only saving grace...

He was fussy...I grabbed something quickly in the kitchen and came back to this...my helper climber...this girl is such a climber these days its ridiculous!

She loves to grab her "babies" when mommy is carrying baby
Saturday... we headed to my mom's for my sweet grandma's 80th birthday ...it was so nice to see family and relax

I was wearing Cayson so I could get things done and she was following me carrying her babies so I grabbed a scrap piece of fabric to make her a sling:) She was pretty proud of it...

Love my family...thank goodness for baby wearing...

My little UT fans....ready for football season....yes there was an outfit change...clearly putting your kids in long sleeves in Texas, in August, is like child abuse...they were both sweating so this was short lived!

I actually curled my hair knowing it was only going to be long for a few more days:)

Sunday....we ventured out to our first family church trip...Cayson slept the whole time and did great..Isabella had a blast in the nursery and was standing and climbing, of course, when we went to pick her up...then sweet Kel dropped off dinner and Isabella got to play with the twins for a bit:)
Green & Gold much better than Burnt orange

She was quiet and I came into the living room to find that she climbed into this herself...seeing a trend on my climber?! I promise I never walk away for more than 2 minutes because of stuff like this but she is quick and sneaky!!

Monday....we headed to the pool and had a blast with the Gonzalez fam...we all came home and had a great nap...perfect way to end a 3 day weekend

Cute lil buddies

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