Weekend Wrap-up

We had such a fun weekend...busy and fun....sweet Isabella was a little off I'm thinking its her molars but I haven't seen one pop through yet but she was a trooper as usual...

Friday...we went to McKinney's Oktoberfest with some friends and had a blast...lots of kids and chasing around but we had fun...

All you can drink root beer... yes please...

"You want me to what?!"....apparently she still isn't much of a fan of petting zoos;)

Moms vs

dads haha...

Saturday...Dennis went out to a buddy's land to help out and we ran to Target then had nap time...then we headed to the Granberry's for a lil football fun night....
Morning snuggles

Something about this hair and outfit made her look way too grown up!

This photo was taken a hour after I had thought we would leave....I should be the one that was sleeping...haha
After a 3.5 hr nap this girl was ready for game day.

Not loving all the attention haha...

Had to snap a picture of her adorable pig tails and outfit...

Playing with Graham

This sweet boy was a champ...he had an outfit change right as we needed to leave...thank you bright yellow newborn poo

Sunday...normal church, naps, small group and football fun:)
Leg pop...haha!!

Loving her first flowers from her first love...her daddy!

Good night, sweet dreams!!


  1. All so precious! PS, love the Moms vs Dads photos! We didn't even know McKinney had an Octoberfest! We're in Plano!

    1. Thank you:) Ha yes we were joking about the dads and moms at the festivities....yes you should definitely go next year it is a lot of fun:) Small world that you are right in Plano:)