Weekend Wrap-up

Another fun weekend in the books....

Friday...we had a playdate with some sweet friends at The Coop...Isabella's 2nd birthday party is officially booked there...tear...I'm excited because I can go all out as far as decor goes just like I would at home but the kids can play:) I got to meet The Kendrick's sweet boy Reid....We then had the Morgan's over for the most delicious brisket I've ever had that they picked up from The Pecan Lodge in Dallas. Seriously amazing!
Brynley and Isabella playing!

Sweet Ella and Isabella

Her favorite game...up and down the slide

Brandt, Landry and Isabella enjoying the slide

Someone finally decided bounce houses aren't so bad:) Yay!!

Sheer excitement

Sweet future BFFs...Cayson and Reid...almost 5 weeks apart...so excited our kiddos will be so close in age

Saturday...we had a nice relaxing morning then daddy had to work and we headed to my parents to celebrate my dad's birthday
To those who have said boy clothes aren't as fun....I disagree....

Her outfit of choice these days NO diaper and boots...we are working on the no diaper problem...she has discovered how to remove them...it's a battle and we have had one epic fail potty in the crib already...I am picturing finding poop smeared everywhere...we must remedy this ASAP

 Blowing out candles with Popi

Snoozin...his happy place...

Cutest Baylor fan

Sunday...we had an incredibly perfect lazy first football Sunday and enjoyed small group..
Checking her fantasy football teams like daddy

She loves her daddy

The McDonald's do Sunday football

Her adorable pigtails after a long day of play

Good night world

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