23 months

Can it seriously be that in a month you will be a whole 2 years old?! It can't be...my how time flies....I truly never knew how incredible being a mommy could be until you made me a mom. Sweet girl you are a true pride and joy....you are so giggly, happy and precious. Yes, you have your normal toddler moments and whining but I just remind myself in the rough moments that "this too shall pass" haha...

This month you uttered "I wuvie momma" and truly "I wuvie too dada"...I think your dad and I both melted into a puddle on the floor...I don't think any sweeter words have been spoken.....I have waited for this day and moment and every time you say "I wuvie" my heart melts!!

Our night time routine might be my all time favorite...every night we brush your teeth, read books, sing, give "eyes, eyes"-butterfly kisses and "nose, nose"-eskimo kisses then you kiss me on the lips....then as I lay you down I say love you Isabella and the best nights you have begun to say "wuvie momma" then as I shut the door you yell out "nigh nigh".....one of my most favorite moments of our day...you are such a social girl and you love one-on-one time with momma....you are always saying "mon momma" or "too momma" waving for me follow you, sit by you, etc.....it's amazing what I have learned to do while nursing/holding a baby....

You also like to say "mon" c'mon to Dixie, "bubba"-Cayson, and anyone else who will listen...you like to have someone right with you...for example...you have to have a friend with you in the bounce house or you won't go in, mommy right by your side, or you like to take luvie and show her things...I think you have a very similar personality to your momma....car rides can be quite entertaining...I am thankful I can usually reach what you drop on the floor or too much whining ensues...my right shoulder is hurting these days I think from reaching back to you all the time...seriously!!

You love to "dittie"-dance...at least once a day you want on the counter to turn on the radio and dance...in the car you tell us all to dittie "dittie momma, dittie baby, dittie dada"....your most favorite song is Taylor Swift's Shake it off....if it comes on you demand everyone dance...you are baffled by the fact that baby Cayson does not dance with you haha....

You love, love your baby bubba...you are very territorial of him, love to hug him, kiss him and hold him...you can also have your moments of jealousy...you aren't a fan of Mimi holding him...though this will have to get better before she starts helping watch you two....I also make sure to get you in the mornings without him and put you in bed without him so you get my undivided attention and we don't mess up our normal routines for you....other than those moments you are so incredible with him, so much better than I expected...I prayed lots about this transition for you...after all you will always be my first baby,,,

We have officially begun the potty training road..we did the 3 day challange but you proved to not be quite ready....you did so great...you get the concept, you didn't like peeing on yourself, and actually had  9 successful potty attempts with lots of failures obviously...we ended it with you back in diapers but you are showing interest and so we will see....I will give you some time and we will try again...I knew it was a little early but thought since mommy was home and had some time we should at least attempt...

You love to color and always want momma, daddy or whoever is around to "tolor too"-you have started to scribble and say "pwity fouw"-pretty flower.....I love that you will say "pwity momma" now too...you pretty much steal my heart over and over again...

Schedule is about the same...after you've tried to be a no nap ninja for several weeks I have pushed your nap back an hour or so dependent on the day...
8:30-rise and shine, sippy cup + food
11:30-milk + food
1-3 nap
2:30-snack time
6:30-7-milk + food
7-bathtime/bedtime routine

Weight:  23.5 lbs ( 25%ile)
Height:  33.5 inches ( 55%ile)
Head: 18 in  ( 20%ile)

Diapers: Size 3 

Sleep: 7:30 pm-8:30 am

Shoe size: 6-7

Clothes size: 12-18 months, shorts 6-12 months

Teeth: 16 (all but your 2 year molars)

Eating: Sippy cup of whole milk 3 times a day (`18oz)-you are a milk grazer and graze on the 18 ounces throughout the day but you usually drink anywhere from 12-18 ounces a day, and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with 2 snacks in between-some days you eat better than others...there are some days I swear you eat tons and then the next you eat nothing...you are quite the picky eater you will love something one day and then hate it the next....

Milestones: jumping, talking in sentences

New Words: Bess you (bless you), I wuvie (sweetest words ever spoken), caw (car), trees, pwity (pretty), fowers (flowers), car, mine (not good haha), touw (towel), bubba, Ashe (asher)

Buddy (for brother), yuggy (yucky...maybe one of my favorites ever), siwwy (silly), fish (fix...you cutely said "Dadda fiss da poo" aka daddy fix the pool when mommy said it was broken since part of it popped), boo boo, Hoe momma (hold momma-when you want me to hold you), sh-icken (chicken)

"We here"-in the cutest, most excited voice:), knees,  Poo poo, potty, pee pee, Aunt Haha, Sasha, Gigi, "Shew-wee"-stinky diaper, boo boo, car, big-(used in context of big Minnie, big car), twuck, tee-tree, fowers-flowers, Poo-Winnie the Pooh, Cackles-crackles, "Pay"-play, Pool, swim, car, Wose-Rose, Mon-come on, Boon-Balloon, "Where dit do," "Isabellella," Mimi, Holt, Chaille, button, apush-push, Mon-c'mon, bapples-apples, ano-milk, rahr-lion sound, Mininie"-Minnie, "Side"-outside, Zo-Zoe, "Pees"-Please, sock, Baa "what a sheep says," tato "thank you," shoes, "nack"-snack, momma, dadda, dog, Dixie, Uh-oh, Der it is (there it is), Ho, ho, ho (santa says), Whooo, Whoo (owl says), Woof woof (dog says..sounds more like whoo:), Maci, Baby, Cheese, More, Bailey (the Ellis' yorkie), paci, No, "Wa iz zat?"Abby (the Law's dog),  up, out, water, lion says "rawr," frog, potty

Shots today: None woo hoo!!

Happy 23 months baby girl!! Can't believe in 30 days you will be 2!

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