DIY Wood Pumpkins

2x4-cut in various sizes
1x8-cut in various sizes
Chalk paint 
Tree limb cut in 1-2 inch cuts
Hot glue gun
Sponge brushes
Paint brushes

Wood: You can honestly use any piece of scrap wood you have laying around...these were pieces my hubby had left over from various you can see some were even stained which we loved.

Paint: We used this chalk paint in white and orange and mixed them to make different the finish they provided. This paint goes a long way so will last us for future project

Tree limb: We used some pine tree limbs (loved the look they provided) and some regular ole tree limbs;)

Gather your supplies...gather fun company, sweet drinks, and creativity inspiring music and paint to your hearts desire....Then using hot glue attach your tree limbs as can add moss around your stims or ribbon or leave plain:)

All our unique finished my sweet family and their creativity...

Aw....nothing sweeter than my family and some crafting!

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