Foto Friday

We had such a fun, busy week around here....sweet kiddos were a little cranky on Tuesday and poor buddy woke up with a little viral rash Wednesday with no other symptoms. Felt horrible since we were so busy that day...just thought it was his normal cranky/reflux. He's been acting great, no fever, no other symptoms...who knows...Isabella never had any symptoms either besides sticking her finger in her nose, maybe because it was stuffy?! Ha.....

Moved him to the study Sunday night despite not wanting to...he slept the best he ever has...6 whole hours straight....better sleep for Cayson and mommy
Generation probs...doesn't understand that the computer isn't touch screen
This is her "pwity fower"

She loves to hold library time tickets and turn them in now...

Stop little future teenager

I love her so...

Out of no where she kissed my boo boo on my knee

Sneaking a sip of "mommy's milk"

My car kept alarming low tire pressure...I was past due for tire rotation so what's a momma to do when her hubby is working way too much but take 2 littles into Discount Tire...for the record they were incredible...this is Isabella wanting to "ho bubba" and not wanting momma's help....some sweet man called me "Super Mom"'s the little mommas need reminders that we aren't screwing it up...

Impromptu lunch date with Wyatt and his fun!!!
Future BF/GF

State Fair fun with Jaimee and Grey

Pretty much love everything about this photo...Grey excited about the bird and Isabella so unsure she is holding onto Jaimee's thankful for sweet friends that speak life and love my truly takes a village
Sweet little BFFs

Cayson's 2 month appt....didn't get his shots bc of his rash so I will be dragging these two in again for shots...tear:(

After feeling like the worst mom for not knowing he didn't feel well...we did lots of this....

Library story time...she is really into lovie joining in and enjoying everything she does these days...her built in friend...
Sweet dreams little buddy...I can't get anything done when I'd rather stay here all day...or the whole 2 hours Isabella naps;)

We had fall photos with Sofia this week...Cayson wanted nothing to do with them...thankful Mimi came along or we would have gotten Zero photos....after Mimi came back to help me with bath was nice to have an extra set of hands since I never do....Isabella loves to climb in with brother

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