Pumpkin Patch

We made 2 trips to the Pumpkin patch last week and actually have plans to go again tomorrow....why not?! Cheap, festive fun right!! The first trip was with some of my nearest and dearest friends...we went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch....great Pumpkin Patch only $5/car and all activities are included....hay ride, hay maze, bounce houses, lots of characters to take pictures with...then Sunday we went with some friends to the Celina Pumpkin Patch $8/person >2 years old and included a free hot dog for lunch, hay ride, animals, hay maze...the weather was beautiful, sweet Dennis was there to help so we had a blast...I highly recommend either Pumpkin Patch if you are in the Dallas area....

Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch
Isabella and her BF Wyatt

She didn't want to wear the black dress I picked but this turned out cute...

Showing my "Minnie's eyes and shoes"

"Mom, seriously, you are trusting her to hold me?"

She loves her bubba

Celina Pumpkin Patch
This longhorn was beautiful

She was so excited to have her daddy for the weekend...

Choke hold,  hugs for brother

So thankful for this time of year and family time!!

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