18-24 month must haves

Quick run down of some of our favorites and must haves over the last several months....lots for us to grow into too:)

Pull ups: Self explanatory...Isabella had been showing lots of interest in the whole potty department..we attempted the 3 day challenge but she just wasn't quite ready....we will plan to attempt again in a couple months. I know she is still young and we have plenty of time, I plan to keep it low stress and let it happen. Needless to say we are stocked and ready with panties and pull-ups.

Potty: We got a potty around 18 months when Isabella started saying "mommy potty" and getting really interested in the potty. It has just been our little introduction, she likes to sit on it while mommy goes potty, throw toilet paper in it and say "bye, bye pee pee"...even 
lovie goes on the potty some days

Detangler: My sweet girl finally has some hair...haha only 18 months later right. With her curls and crazy sleeping habits her hair can be quite the tangled mess these days...this Honest detangler and this wet brush have been our life saver...we also started letting her have a silk pillow case and it has helped...

Vitamins:  I have searched and searched and searched for a good vitamin for Isabella, it feels like since she was born...I was SO disappointed in everyone I found....they all had crazy additives, dyes, or caramel coloring...I found a few here and there but was SO excited when I finally stumbled upon these when Isabella was 18 months....she loves them and chews them up so well,  I wasn't convinced she would but she loves them...perfect supplement to my picky toddlers diet...all natural, no dyes

Toothpaste: Isabella has been to the dentist twice now (recommended age to start is around 2) I had to put her on my insurance for the year so to get my money's worth I took her at 18 months and 2 years...she did pretty well considering...the first thing the dentist said was "Start saving for orthodontics"...yep she inherited my small mouth and crowded 
teeth. Good thing she already has a savings account. Anyways onto the toothpaste...now that she is 2 we bought toothpaste with a little fluoride...I love Tom's all natural brand. You don't really want to start fluoride toothpaste until they will spit it out...so we have been practicing spitting water out from a dixie cup...pretty fun haha!! At least Isabella thinks its funny....

Letters: I saw this adorable letter mat at Target in the B toy section and we just had to have it...its time we start really working on numbers, letters and colors so this has been a perfect addition to work on them

iPad: Isabella honestly showed little to no interest in the iPad until around 22 months....she goes through spurts with her interest in it...I started introducing it during my time nursing Cayson so I wasn't having to constantly chase her around the house whilst nursing....there are so many amazing learning apps on there....It is so fun to watch her learn something new in a game that she has played for months and to see things really click for her

Some of our faves:
Endless ABCs
ABC mouse apps
Little Alien
Endless 123

Trampoline: my wild child fell in love with this trampoline at her friend's house so we decided she needed it for her 2nd birthday...we've only had it up a week but it is so fun in the evenings to let her bounce and burn off some energy:) It's the perfect size and I feel like she is so safe inside...

What's your must haves for this age?

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