24 months-Isabella's 2

Oh sweet Isabella how is it possible that we are celebrating 2 whole years already....feels like just yesterday your daddy and I were headed to the hospital both with tears in our eyes to meet you!! You have truly changed our lives far more than I could ever have expected. You have taught me so much and given us so much life....

Your personality is so incredibly precious....you light up everyone around you, my little social bee! You love to wave and smile at everyone you see....you always say, "say hi momma" asking me permission to say hello to everyone...it is too, too adorable...

You are absolutely obsessed with shoes, sunglasses, necklaces and bows...you are already opinionated about what you wear...just like your momma was, so I have heard from your Mimi....

Momma went back to work just before you turned 2 and it has been a small adjustment for us both...I am so thankful that your Mimi gets to love on you when I am gone...you have your jealous moments of brother but you also love him so very much and are very territorial of him...you share with him pretty well with an occasional "no that's mine"

Speaking of mine...you have officially learned that word....you are very much into possessives these days you always say "bubba's, mine, momma's, daddy's" pretty cute, except for the mine sometimes;)

You carry around lovie and Minnie like they are your baby and mimic mommy with Cayson...you shoo  lovie, rock her, feed her...it is so cute...you will even tuck Minnie in your shirt (like mommy carries Cayson in the Moby wrap) and say, "Minnie night, night."

You are talking up a storm these days and it is my favorite...loving watching your imagination and language grow.....

Schedule is the same...thankful for that nap...we will hang onto it as long as possible....
8:30-rise and shine, sippy cup + food
11:30-milk + food
1-3 nap
2:30-snack time
6:30-7-milk + food
7-bathtime/bedtime routine

Daddy was hunting on your actual birthday but we made it special with Mimi and Popi....morning donuts (you were more interested in blowing out the candles over and over), balloons, Gainesville Zoo (so fun), shots:( boo, and cake after dinner....

The Giraffes were her favorite

She actually loved, loved feeding the goats

2 yr check up

Weight:  23 lbs 12 oz ( 31%ile)
Height: 34.5  inches (64 %ile)
Head: 18.3 in  ( 31%ile)

Diapers: Size 3 

Sleep: 7:30 pm-8:30 am

Shoe size: 6-7

Clothes size: 12-18 months, shorts 6-12 months

Teeth: 16 (all but your 2 year molars)

Eating: About 12 ounces of whole milk a day, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner....you are still loving pouches and I will give them to you as long as you will take them...easiest way for me to sneak in veggies:)

Milestones: nothing majorly new...your language continues to grow

New Words: You will pretty much repeat any word we say these days...can be a little scary haha...time to watch what we say and listen to...you started singing "Shake, Shake" to Taylor Swift the other day:)
Yes maam (we think you learned this at church:) It is too precious), No maam, Mine, Cow, Airpane, gaff (giraffe) knee, elbow, sad, happy

 Bess you (bless you), I wuvie (sweetest words ever spoken), caw (car), trees, pwity (pretty), fowers (flowers), car, mine (not good haha), touw (towel), bubba, Ashe (asher)

Buddy (for brother), yuggy (yucky...maybe one of my favorites ever), siwwy (silly), fish (fix...you cutely said "Dadda fiss da poo" aka daddy fix the pool when mommy said it was broken since part of it popped), boo boo, Hoe momma (hold momma-when you want me to hold you), sh-icken (chicken)
"We here"-in the cutest, most excited voice:), knees,  Poo poo, potty, pee pee, Aunt Haha, Sasha, Gigi, "Shew-wee"-stinky diaper, boo boo, car, big-(used in context of big Minnie, big car), twuck, tee-tree, fowers-flowers, Poo-Winnie the Pooh, Cackles-crackles, "Pay"-play, Pool, swim, car, Wose-Rose, Mon-come on, Boon-Balloon, "Where dit do," "Isabellella," Mimi, Holt, Chaille, button, apush-push, Mon-c'mon, bapples-apples, ano-milk, rahr-lion sound, Mininie"-Minnie, "Side"-outside, Zo-Zoe, "Pees"-Please, sock, Baa "what a sheep says," tato "thank you," shoes, "nack"-snack, momma, dadda, dog, Dixie, Uh-oh, Der it is (there it is), Ho, ho, ho (santa says), Whooo, Whoo (owl says), Woof woof (dog says..sounds more like whoo:), Maci, Baby, Cheese, More, Bailey (the Ellis' yorkie), paci, No, "Wa iz zat?"Abby (the Law's dog),  up, out, water, lion says "rawr," frog, potty

Shots today: Hepatitis A, Flu mist 

How are you possibly 2!?

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