3 months

Sweet Cayson...slow down sweet boy....time is flying by far faster than I am ready for...you are growing into such a big boy already...

We moved you to your crib and you have started to sleep much better....you sleep from 10 pm-3:30-4 am with an occasional wake up between. I can usually just give you your paci if you do and you go back to sleep...some nights mommy really gets her exercise walking up and down the stairs haha....its quite a trip for a paci retrieval and soothing back to sleep....

You have started to be so smiley and giggly....you have such an amazing giggle, I can't seem to capture it on camera because you love to stare at my phone too much...you love, love to be talked to and you talk and coo right back...

You are a rolly polly...I can't lay you unattended for long anymore...if I lay you on your back within minutes you will be rolled over on your tummy....you don't roll from your tummy to back near as often...kind of backwards but I'll take it...this means you now prefer to sleep on your tummy....we had to unswaddle you because you kept trying to roll...You actually began sleeping tons better once unswaddled..crazy to me but I'll take it...

We had so much fun my last month home with you on maternity leave...you are still an incredible nurser...not really a fan of the bottle (such a boy;)). You are obsessed with the TV....far more than I remember your sissy being, you crane your neck to see it (such a boy), you want to sit up SO bad...you try so hard, you definitely get a good ab workout most days!

You love to cuddle way more than your sissy too...I LOVE it.....your reflux is a smidge better though you spit up all over me at least once a day! Your fussiness seems to be better most days....we had to quit bathing you everynight because you have eczema on your thighs and tummy...sweet boy it was your favorite but just isn't great for your poor skin...Honest company healing lotion and Aquaphor have been a lifesaver this month....

Your schedule is still all over the place but it is also kind of the sameish;)
3-4:30 am-nurse
7-8 am wake up
8:30-nurse, play
11:30-nurse, play
2:30-nurse, play
6-nurse, play
10:00-nurse and bedtime

"Bubba cheese"

Weight:  13 lbs 4 oz ( 61%ile)
Length:  24.5 in (70 %ile)
Head: ....

Diapers: Size 1
Longest stretch of sleep: 6 hrs 3 min
Clothes size: 0-3 months, 3-6 months
Shoe size: Newborn, 1

1sts: Halloween

Milestones: Giggling, rolling back to tummy

Shots today: none

Happy 3 months sweet boy!

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