Week in review

Now that I am back to work and time is sparse I have decided to basically photo dump once a week rather than a Foto Friday and Weekend wrap up....this is mostly for myself so I have these photos some where since I'm sure at some point my phone and computer will crash since they constantly tell me they are full...haha so here it is....

It's been a really rough return to week...sad as far as my patients go we have lost 1 more than I am ever prepared for and I am still adjusting to working 3 long days...those days are tough since my time with my family is so limited but I am LOVING the extra days off so it is definitely a trade off..

Anyone elses kiddo become attached to strange things?!

This girl can be such a modeling champ:)

little Target date..she ALWAYS wants this cart these days...

Cupcake date while ordering macaroons for her bday party

In honor of Veterans day 2 incredibly special men to us...we lost them in the same year...it was a very tough year...so proud of Papa Crosby and Papaw McDonald....SO thankful for them...

The hubs watched the kiddos for the first time so I could have a girls night...it was SO refreshing getting to have conversations without being interrupted...forget how important that is for the soul!!


A whole post to follow of our sweet girls 2nd birthday party @The Coop!! So much fun...

Some of our fan and the Laitinens came to hang out after the party and these two were too cute!

I could hold this boy all day!!
Sunday it decided to become winter suddenly so we enjoyed leggings and sweat shirts..even momma!

We have an obsession with Child hoods...and so does her auntie Heather!

This boy took a nap with me.....might be one of my favorite things

First snow last night, 2nd bday party....lots of pics to come

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