Week in review

Can't believe how fast this week flew by. I was just telling the hubs adjusting to getting home late 3 nights a week hasn't been my favorite...we have all stayed up past our bedtimes, crammed in too much on our days off and live for the weekends:)
This girl...I mean....is she a teenager?

After getting home late this girl is a ham and really misses her momma. She is so hyper and loves to play. She doesn't like me to hold brother when I get home and tells me to put him down...sigh...we will all adjust right!?

We had such a fun, busy day off together...library story time, mall fun, lunch, and park fun with the Ellis'...

This shirt is perfection!!

She found it very entertaining that she could see "couds" aka clouds in the mall sky roof

Being a little drooling trooper

This girl and her lovie..her current BFF

Curls gone wild for sure:)

So glad she finally likes swings at least for a bit

Cayson's No Shave November attempt;) You should see his dad

This boy and his cheeks

Saturday morning I had tickets to the opening breakfast for the trains at Northpark...it was SO nice for my sweet pea to have a mommy/daughter morning date...she even went up to the hospital to round on a patient with me and loved it:)

Loving her "boon bacelet"

Making a "choo choo"

So perfect for this current "choo choo" lover

When did this boy get SO big?!

He finds his sissy VERY entertaining...watching him giggle at her makes my heart explode

Sissy has to do everything bubba does

Chewing and drooling on everything

Best daddy ever haha

Sunday we went to church, all took great naps....then Koen's birthday party...We all had to been woken up to make it to Koen's birthday party

This boy...I think he's starting to look a little like his momma;)


  1. I think Cayson looks a lot like his Daddy, but I can see a bit of Crosby in him in the last picture =)

    1. Agree totally:) I'm starting to see a little more Crosby!