25 months-Isabella

Hello sweet toddler...I cannot even believe you are officially 2 much less on your way to 3. 

Trying to remember and capture all that has happened in your last month...I need to start keeping blog notes. Ha! You are still such a joy...we are having to really begin disciplining and mommy prayers for wisdom all the time.....you are our strong willed...bossy girl...everything I read means you will be a future leader and driven...I'll take it but for now it makes discipline necessary and sometimes hard...

You are too cute and know exactly what you want and when you want it...if this is interfered in any way often because we don't understand exactly what you want it can end in tantrumville...we have really initiated time outs that seem to work wonders...you don't like to have to face the wall and honestly hate getting in trouble...you cuddle and pat my back after time out...spanking does not work for you at least yet...you are confused by it which I totally understand...we tell you not to hit so it is not the best answer for you at this time...if you get in trouble by mommy you want daddy vice versa...so it begins...

You are such a joy and light...the pictures below exude that...these are from our family session at the end of October and I am in love...more to share later....you are hilarious, sensitive, loving, caring and SO independent and determined...I think you might be just like your momma....

You are my best friend...seeing you smile, giggle and have a blast brings me SO much joy...I can't imagine experiencing life without you...you make EVERYTHING more exciting...simple things like shopping at Target have gotten 1000x better if thats even possible..

You still love, love your brother thought the jealousy has increased a bit with mommy returning to work this month...you want me to have nothing to do with him when I get home...I don't blame you one bit..but we are working on this....

These cheeks, these curls, leg rolls, and smiles are almost too much for my heart to handle...

Weight:  24 lbs  (15%ile)
Height: 35  inches (50 %ile)
Head: 18.5 in  (31%ile)

Diapers: Size 3 (soon 4:))

Sleep: 7:30 pm-8:30 am

Shoe size: 6-7

Clothes size: 18-24 months

Teeth: 16 (all but your 2 year molars)

Eating: switched to 2% milk thankfully found some with DHA so I made the switch:) You don't seem to even notice

Milestones:  finally jumping with both feet opposed to the adorable gallop;)

New Words: too many to count... talking in 3-4 word sentences..my favorites...Yes sir, "Let it go", Elsa, Where'd .... do?, Say hi, iPad, morrow "tomorrow", be wight back

 "Shake, Shake", Yes maam, No maam, Mine, Cow, Airpane, gaff (giraffe) knee, elbow, sad, happy
 Bess you (bless you), I wuvie (sweetest words ever spoken), caw (car), trees, pwity (pretty), fowers (flowers), car, mine (not good haha), touw (towel), bubba, Ashe (asher)
Buddy (for brother), yuggy (yucky...maybe one of my favorites ever), siwwy (silly), fish (fix...you cutely said "Dadda fiss da poo" aka daddy fix the pool when mommy said it was broken since part of it popped), boo boo, Hoe momma (hold momma-when you want me to hold you), sh-icken (chicken)
"We here"-in the cutest, most excited voice:), knees,  Poo poo, potty, pee pee, Aunt Haha, Sasha, Gigi, "Shew-wee"-stinky diaper, boo boo, car, big-(used in context of big Minnie, big car), twuck, tee-tree, fowers-flowers, Poo-Winnie the Pooh, Cackles-crackles, "Pay"-play, Pool, swim, car, Wose-Rose, Mon-come on, Boon-Balloon, "Where dit do," "Isabellella," Mimi, Holt, Chaille, button, apush-push, Mon-c'mon, bapples-apples, ano-milk, rahr-lion sound, Mininie"-Minnie, "Side"-outside, Zo-Zoe, "Pees"-Please, sock, Baa "what a sheep says," tato "thank you," shoes, "nack"-snack, momma, dadda, dog, Dixie, Uh-oh, Der it is (there it is), Ho, ho, ho (santa says), Whooo, Whoo (owl says), Woof woof (dog says..sounds more like whoo:), Maci, Baby, Cheese, More, Bailey (the Ellis' yorkie), paci, No, "Wa iz zat?"Abby (the Law's dog),  up, out, water, lion says "rawr," frog, potty

Shots today: Hepatitis A, Flu mist 

How are you possibly 2!?

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