Jesus is the Reason 2014

This Christmas has been incredible….having a 2 year old around Christmas=amazing. Our sweet girl was precious. She squealed, said "I wub it", thank you, pease….it was magical…she even acted out the  nativity scene with her cousins being not only the angel but also the shepherd haha…I heart my family….My heart is SO incredibly full this holiday season and I am so thankful for our Savior!!
This girl asks for her picture all the time with her daddy these days

Ready for his first Christmas Eve
She was so excited about all her gifts it was precious!
Daddy was tired….

Shhh….daddy sleeping
Daddy cuddling with Minnie is hilarious
Sweet cousins
This boy…getting a little snack before church
"Singing" Silent Night…it was precious…this was about the fun of our Christmas Eve service…it was very shortly followed by a meltdown over a candy cane she couldn't bite and extremene exhaustion from no nap….she fell asleep before we left the church parking lot!

Making cookies for Santa…she picked the Elsa cookies…don't judge that we did break and bake..I worked and we were in Ft Worth all Christmas Eve;)
She needed to "taste" Santa's "teets"

The anticipation almost killed me:)

LOVING all her toys and her new "cheese"

Christmas morning

She thought something was hilarious and I loved it when she does this!!
Lounging and enjoying Mimi and Popi's new heater


First Christmas

I missed the squeal before she pointed at it for me:) "I wub it, I wub it, I wub it" "Oben dis, Oben dis"

"wash, wash"
Not sure if I like her vigorous riding skills or Heather's "Silver bells" in the background more;)

Thank you Jesus!!

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