Week in review

Ha I know its Thursday and I should probably just skip this post but I just can't I have photos and news I must share...haha...I'd like to blame our sweet boy, computer issues, and a storm knocking out our internet.

This boy loves to be snuggled from sun up to sun down but in particular from 8-10 pm we stay like this most nights rendering me rather useless...I don't feel guilty at all...I will hold him like this at night until he won't let me anymore...I'm sure I'll pay the price and maybe I already am but they are only little once...

Monday...we had Cayson's 4 month appt then met Mimi and Popi at The Galleria...we were all in a fog as mom just had her CT scan. The week of her scan is very emotional and anxiety provoking....but..
Praise the Lord...her scan was clear...she is truly a walking miracle. We are so incredibly thankful for an incredible, healthy Mimi...

This girl has been ALL about her daddy lately...helping him fix the TV so she could watch Mickey Christmas

This boy and this smile...

He is SO mesmerized by phones/lights/TV

He pesters her...like big brother pestering...and he wonders why sometimes he drives her crazy;)

Saturday we had a girl's date to see the Nutcracker and eat dinner at the delish Reata...it was SO fun...so nice to get out and be able to visit

This girl is in love with all "pwity" things...may be time to pierce her ears:) She has done this more than once all on her own...My fear is one falling into her ear

Love, love my days off with these 2

This boy woke up with his first tooth Sunday...say what?!
My Sunday naps cuddled with this boy may be my have

Mesmerized by Elsa..she now sings "Wet it go"...and that leg...doesn't look normal..

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