Week in review

What a fun week…I cannot even believe Christmas is almost here…we enjoyed lots of random fun Christmas activities, last minute shopping, family in town, Nutty Nutcracker and small group Christmas party….whew….love this time of year
She ran to get her Olaf to put together while watching "Elsa"

This girl love, loves "Elsa" these days…she actually woke up singing "wet it go" the other morning….the thought still makes me smile...don't mind the no pants…apparently when daddy changes diapers he finds replacing their pants is too much effort in the mornings;)

This boy got to enjoy the exercauser this week and he was mind blown and loved it..sissy on the other hand was NOT excited about him being in her toy

This girl does Target right…Starbucks, "tweat" and lounging…PS when I put these camo pants on her she kept saying "daddys" ha it was too cute
I love how kids just do things…never taught her this but I used to LOVE riding like this!

She is/always has been obsessed with taking photos but it has been a daily thing lately…she loves to look at photos and videos of herself too…all day, everyday

Isabella and Cayson got to go to Mimi's house this week while I worked and was loved on by her aunties….so thankful for my family..I was pretty obsessed with both of these photos:)

Before our shopping trip to meet family on Saturday…she wanted her picture in front of the tree. Then wanted one with daddy. The outtakes are my favorite.

The look I got for telling her to leave her sweater on:)

Friday night I got to go to Texas Ballet theaters Nutty Nutcracker while daddy had kid duty…it was hilariously funny as usual….a must see

Ebola debut of course

Party scene included: Progressive, Geiko, Hillbillies, The Mask, Taylor Swift…so fun

Snow scene was Elsa and Olaf….so funny, Isabella would have loved it

Another surprise visit by Lyle Lovett

Saturday was more low key than we had planned because our cousin got the flu but we took advantage…this was about as fun to put together as it looks…but Isabella is going to be SO excited...


Telling me to "Say Hewwo"

This boy loves his sissy….giggles for days

More party pics tomorrow

I will never tire of baby snuggles

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