Week in review

What an incredible holiday week…it was a blast as you can imagine…I thought holidays were so fun and special before…throw some little ones in there and life is grand...
This girl has been loving me scratching her back and will tell me "more momma" when I try to stop

Poking her dolls eyes out I mean feeding her doll

This girl would bounce, bounce all day and night if we let her!! Love that she is officially jumping with both feet though I miss her little gallop:)

This shirt and bows arrived and she put them all on her self…though I assisted keeping the clips in her hair..shirt for pants?! Why not?

The day after Christmas…everyones house looked like this right?!

These moccasins and her rain boots have been worth every penny…adore her little toe marks on the bottom...

This boy…..

Dinner with the family to celebrate Grandma's birthday…thanks to Popi she got to sit by "Nowee" in a big girl booster seat

Finally got him to sleep of course right until my food arrived;)

Teefers….2nd tooth is here:)..there is still SO much drool and swollen gums that I'm not convinced he's done

His little lips and nose

Getting TOO big for his britches

Mall fun...

Saturday we had NO plans….I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened so we decided a family brunch date to Whiskey Cake was in order…it was heavenly then we ran to Target and were lazy…I even got a 1.5 hr nap:)

I was washing dishes and came into her watching "Elsa" like this…she is her mother's child

This boy loves this thing, way more than his sissy ever did…Isabella was "Swinging a swong"

Oh my heart

More earring fun….don't worry she only plays with ones far to big to fit in her ears though I know this is a dangerous habit….after flu season we will consider getting her ears pierced at Acute kids where they can numb her ears

We decided to try to introduce solids…trying to wean the dream feed (like I did for sister at 4 months, brother is almost 5 months) isn't helping…this boy loves to eat, is so interested in what we eat so we decided to see how he did with some homemade oatmeal (I made it like this post)…so far hasn't helped haha!

And a few of my favorite videos lately:

1st solids…about as excited as his sister was:)

"Reading" Brown Bear….I love how she says "Amen" at the end…she usually says "The End" but has been saying Amen with us at the end of our prayers so got a little confused:)

Learning to share things that were once only hers is tough work…."it's mine"….sharing is a work in progress!! Tough lesson…in one video she says "don't touch me" ha oh goodness..he loves, loves this thing

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