5 months-Cayson

Oh sweet boy…can you even believe you are 5 months old already…mommy sure  can't. This has been an incredible month…you got to experience your first Christmas (though you didn't really know what all the fuss was about) and your first NYE (just like any normal day for you:))

You were NOT a great sleeper this month…between your first cold and getting 2 teeth sleeping at night has been pretty rough…you are usually up anywhere between 2-who knows how many times at night…we are going to begin more sleep training soon…you actually did pretty good with your teeth just a little more fussy the day it breaks through and not sleeping well…we were actually shocked the days we finally saw them pop through. Both days your daddy had you all by himself so you gave him a run for his money;)

You are still such a cuddle muffin and I absolutely love it…I have tried to drop your dream feed and it hasn't seemed to matter if or if I don't do this feeding on your sleep. We decided to add solids the week before you turned 5 months to see if it would help with sleep and you kept acting so interested. It seemed to be a miracle worker night one then it didn't ha! You have some nights that are better than others. You are really starting to like your pacifier except when your teeth are sore. I think once you can put your pacifier in your mouth you will sleep better.

You are very alert, active and playful these days. You absolutely love your exercauser and anything you can get in your mouth:) You absolutely love all the teethers I posted about here that we have from your sissy. You like to sit up in your bumbo and I can tell you can't wait to be on the move. You love to stand at the ottoman and play with toys! Your attention span already seems to far exceed what your sissy's ever was.

Sweet boy we are so incredibly in love and so thankful for you!

3-5:00 am-nurse
8 am wake up
8-8:30-nurse, play
11:30-nurse, play
12:30-sleep (this is your best nap usually 2-2.5 hours long)
2:30-nurse, play
6-nurse, play
10:00-nurse and bedtime

Weight:  15 lbs 2 oz (38%ile)
Length:  26.5 in (75 %ile)
Head: 16.8 in (35%)

Diapers: Size 2, 3
Longest stretch of sleep: 6 hrs 3 min
Clothes size: 6 months, 6-9 months
Shoe size: 1

1sts: Christmas, NYE

Teeth: 2

Milestones: First solids-oatmeal

Shots today: none:)

Happy 5 months!

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