Diaper shower

This past weekend we threw a gender neutral (because we don't know the gender of this sweet baby to be, sigh) diaper shower for one of my nearest and dearest. It was such a sweet, laid back get together and y'all, there were no kiddos besides the sweet big brother to be…and he is something precious. He is so well behaved and well mannered. Anyways, I honestly have a VERY hard time leaving my kiddos behind..proof be, that I have only spent 2 nights away from my Isabella and that was when Cayson was born, so I had no choice….and there were tears….like big tears (I was in labor but still there were tears).  Point being I know, I know how important adult convo and time is and when I get it I love it….my sweet hubby definitely lets me have girl time etc but we need more time as a couple sans kiddos…we were all chatting when one friend pointed out that it was almost 9…eek…we were having such a great time but my kiddos were at my parents so I felt the need to rush..next time kiddos-our house-in their beds;)
Market street….never fails me;)

Diaper cake fun

Adorable couple…their guess is boy!

Old wives tale says girl 9:8 win

I borrowed my sisters polaroid and we were not so great at using it but love how these turned out;)

Sweet kiddos clearly had a blast at the grandparents:)

Girl vote…though as time draws closer I am leaning towards boy…eek only a few weeks left to make final decision...

These 2

Just a few more weeks can't wait to find out!! PS I can't handle the not finding out;)

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