Week in review

I apologize in advance for the obnoxious length of this post but I have too many cute pictures I feel the need to share….always, right?!

What you do when its cold and need to expend some energy

Spending some time at Mimi's while daddy traveled

Someone found the monitor at Mimi's house

Late night playtime at Mimi's…love needed dinner

This boy and this outfit…I'm in love….

Her first "roller coaster" with Abby her BFF at Brady's bday party

Skee ball is her favorite just like her momma…and this girl has an arm
Loving the choo choo train

Just loving some icing

More birthday party fun at Landry's birthday at Kid Mania in Plano

Of course more skeeball

More icing love
He looked like such a teenager sleeping like this;)

He loves to hold my hands…swoon

Sissy didn't mind him holding onto love

He loves food haha

This girl is actually cuddling these days and slowing down for 5 minutes ha!

She wanted Mo bows for church...

These are some old pics I completely forgot to upload last week…
Remember that time I said I wasn't above bribery…"Tweet" is how I got her to sit in my lap so we could finish dinner with some of my BFFs

She loves looking at herself

Go Cowboys…what a sad end to the game this weekend:(

"Dixie cheese"

My hubby made us this incredible gate because ours kept getting loose and freaking me out that someone would fall and die because of it so we now have a beautiful permanent option.

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